Night Owl’s Love Letter for Bed

Dearest Bed,

I am sorry for taking granted of you during my childhood years. I regret not acknowledging you sooner. I apologize if I kept insisting that Play was my only lover, when I was a child. I never knew there will come a time that I will need you desperately. My pride of maintaining a mantra, which is “SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK”, has torn us apart. I am truly grateful for the harsh reality of life. Without it, I would not realize that I need and want you.

I was wrong about you. I thought you were boring and bleak, but you proved me wrong all of these years. My prejudice against you has been diminished by your efforts of alluring me to take a rest between the clean and crisp sheets. Being away from you due to school, work, social events and etc. must be my punishment for making you struggle to make me look your way. I deserve it. I will be willing to suffer the consequences of what I have done just to be with you.

Bed, you must have waited for me all these years. I am graciously happy that I could count on you during my ups and downs. You must have it tough. You have endured my gross and humiliating habit of drooling and snoring. When I was crying, you were there to wipe away my tears with your forgiving pillows throughout my life. I feel you deserve better, but you still welcome me with your cozy blankets and soft pillows. I proudly confess to every living being that you have bewitched me with your strength, comfort, and happiness.

I swear with all my life that I will never take you for granted again. This is my decree until I take my last breathe.


Sincerely neurotic,

Night Owl