Being an Introvert in a World of Extroverts


It can often be tiring to be an introverted person in this world that favors extroverts.

There are times wherein people doubt your intelligence just because you don’t speak up too often about your ideas… like that time back when you were in  school where you got a lower grade than you were expecting  because, despite high marks in all your exams and papers, you didn’t “participate enough” in class.

There are times where people think you are antisocial just because you find it hard to initiate conversations… like that time at a party where you felt out-of-place and you felt anxious about talking to people you didn’t really know all that well.

There are times when people think that you don’t care enough about things just because you aren’t all that comfortable with expressing yourself by talking… like those times when people would try debating with you face-to-face when you find it easier to express yourself through your writings or your art.

It can often be tiring to have people mistake your silence for apathy, your anxiety for snobbery, your awkwardness for lack of skill.

But, although I do get tired of having people underestimate me and/or misread my intentions, I still think that my introversion is a gift.

Extroverts will never know the joys of solitude and of meditation. They will never know the simple bliss of staying indoors, enjoying the company of a good book or some good movies/shows.

They will never know how it feels to be a silent witness–to be able to enjoy the world and all its little pleasures without feeling the need to comment or act on it.

They will never know how wonderful it feels to take yourself out on a date. To go out and enjoy all the things you love doing on your own is a lot like reuniting with an old friend– a friend you had often neglected and pushed aside.

Yes, I can be awkward, neurotic, anxious and silent… but I am also in tune with myself and with nature.


(written by MOVIE GEEK)