How Copywriting Is Similar to Telling a Fairy Tale


What comes to your mind when you hear the word “copywriting?” Some associate it with other writing jobs like journalism, while others see it as a specialized field that only the most tech-savvy individuals can join.

In my opinion, anyone can be a copywriter.

Yes, you heard that right.

Anyone can be a copywriter because copywriting is a lot like storytelling. And any person, with the help of a compelling enough narrative, can be a storyteller.

Now, when I say that anyone can be a copywriter, I don’t mean that everyone can automatically be great at it. After all, crafting an engaging story takes time, effort, strategy, and even a bit of luck.

Imagine the emails you delete from your spam folder or the intrusive ads that pop up when you view a website. These are both examples of copywriting, but few would say that these are good examples.

The key to effective copywriting is to attract the right audience, tell them a relevant and appealing story, and then get them to take action. It’s a bit like telling your kids a fairy tale before they go to bed.

Don’t believe me? Here’s how copywriting is similar to storytelling:


Every Fairy Tale Needs a Hero

All the best narratives have a compelling hero at its center. Whether it’s a brave knight preparing to protect his kingdom from invaders or a poor servant girl working hard for a better life, the hero of the story should be someone you root for.

In copywriting, the brand or business is your hero–the asphalt maintenance company whose sole purpose is to protect citizens from falling into potholes, the fashion designer who strives to save the world from embracing outdated ensembles, the financial advisors who make sure that people don’t spend their money on stuff they don’t need.

You need to make your audience understand who your heroes are and what motivates them. When your hero is appealing, this inspires brand loyalty and trust.


Every Fairy Tale Needs Conflict

Without conflict, there’s nothing for your hero to do. Imagine if Cinderella were treated nicely by her stepmother and stepsisters. Imagine if Red Riding Hood never encountered the Big Bad Wolf.

It’s not enough for a narrative to have a likable protagonist. You need your hero to encounter a problem and find a way to solve it.

When you’re writing for a business, ask yourself, “Why is this product or service needed?” Once you’ve established what the company has to offer, you can craft your story.

Write about The Cleaning Company vs. The Unremovable Stain, The Personal Injury Attorney Vs. The Nurse Who Forgot to Wash the Syringe Before Using It on Another Patient, The Philosophy Book Author vs. The Mysteries of Existence, etc.


Every Fairy Tale Needs a Conclusion

No fairy tale is complete without a moral. Parents usually tell their children stories to help them understand complex concepts, such as love, compassion, bravery, sacrifice, or the importance of eating your vegetables.

The best stories can change a person’s perspective about an idea or inspire them to take action on something.

Your job as a copywriter is to get them invested in a business enough to want to pay for their products or services.

The journey may be different each time, but the main goal is for your hero to win. Everyone wants the rheumatologist to win the fight against arthritis or the shoemaker to win the battle against bare feet.


See? Copywriting is a lot like fairy tale.

With some practice and a lot of luck, you, too, can persuade people about the benefits of selling old cars to an auto junkyard.

Well, these are only my own ideas (as someone who works as a copywriter but is very much an author at heart). But I hope you learned a thing or two about copywriting, storytelling, or both. Stay tuned for more writing tips and tricks from yours truly!


(written by MOVIE GEEK)

(Image credits to The Writing Cooperative)


The Oxford Comma Is My Friend

A Series of Random Thoughts


Back when I was younger, the Oxford Comma and I weren’t exactly pals. Sure, I knew who he was. I’d nod his way when we passed each other and he’d give me a meek smile in return. We never really talked but we both knew that the other existed.

All that changed a month or so ago when I got my very first job at a digital marketing company in (at? on??? Ah, whatever.) Quezon City. The Oxford Comma is now my friend. I can no longer write without him.

My Love Affair With Writing

For those who don’t know (but care enough to want to know hahaha), I work as a copywriter. Never in my life did I ever imagine this as my first job. I’ve always wanted to be a writer, though.

When I was a kid, I wanted to be an author. Books of all sorts were…

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Night Owl’s Love Letter for Bed


Dearest Bed,

I am sorry for taking granted of you during my childhood years. I regret not acknowledging you sooner. I apologize if I kept insisting that Play was my only lover, when I was a child. I never knew there will come a time that I will need you desperately. My pride of maintaining a mantra, which is “SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK”, has torn us apart. I am truly grateful for the harsh reality of life. Without it, I would not realize that I need and want you.

I was wrong about you. I thought you were boring and bleak, but you proved me wrong all of these years. My prejudice against you has been diminished by your efforts of alluring me to take a rest between the clean and crisp sheets. Being away from you due to school, work, social events and etc. must be my punishment for making you struggle to make me look your way. I deserve it. I will be willing to suffer the consequences of what I have done just to be with you.

Bed, you must have waited for me all these years. I am graciously happy that I could count on you during my ups and downs. You must have it tough. You have endured my gross and humiliating habit of drooling and snoring. When I was crying, you were there to wipe away my tears with your forgiving pillows throughout my life. I feel you deserve better, but you still welcome me with your cozy blankets and soft pillows. I proudly confess to every living being that you have bewitched me with your strength, comfort, and happiness.

I swear with all my life that I will never take you for granted again. This is my decree until I take my last breathe.


Sincerely neurotic,

Night Owl

Reminder: Don’t be too hard on yourself

A Series of Random Thoughts


For the past months or so, I had been feeling down. Things weren’t going well in my life and although obviously I know that life isn’t always a ride in the park, my first few months in the so-called “adult world” had been pretty rough.

I almost lost my best friend to suicide. My parents are stressed out because of unpaid debts. I didn’t get hired for the job I really, really, really wanted. I was rejected for the scholarship I had applied for. And on top of all that, I am bothered by the news of all the awful things happening in my country.

Yes, I know that my problems aren’t that big compared to what a lot of other people go through but, despite trying my best to keep smiling and moving forward, I couldn’t help but worry about everything.

And whenever I worry, I write.

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I’m not giving up on you.

A Series of Random Thoughts


We met when we were both in our first year of high school. We were about 11 or 12 years old. Neither of us really had any genuinely close friendships at the time. It was probably because we were both weird. It could’ve been because we were both bullied when we were younger. For whatever reason, we met, became friends, and, though I didn’t realize it at the time, I had found someone who understood me completely.

Years went by and we were still close. Throughout our last three years of high school, we and our three other best friends were practically inseparable.

We went through a lot together. We kept our grades up together, withstood social bullying together, and encouraged each other to pursue our passions. I know that without you and without our friends, high school would’ve been my Hell. Instead, my high school years were some of…

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A Letter to My Best Friend

A Series of Random Thoughts


Dear you,

Have you ever met someone who understood you so well that you wondered whether you knew this person in another time, another place, another reality?

Perhaps you had known each other in your previous lives. You’ve forged a bond so strong that one lifetime was not enough. Even in death, you couldn’t leave the other alone. So, in your next life, you sought to find each other and, once you did, you vowed to never leave the other’s side through all your many lifetimes.

Perhaps you had been created from the same grain of sand. While God was shaping your mind, body, and soul, He realized that you couldn’t survive the harsh realities of life without someone to aid you on your journey. And so, from the same grains of sand He used to mold you, He created another with a different mind and a different body but…

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Being an Introvert in a World of Extroverts


It can often be tiring to be an introverted person in this world that favors extroverts.

There are times wherein people doubt your intelligence just because you don’t speak up too often about your ideas… like that time back when you were in  school where you got a lower grade than you were expecting  because, despite high marks in all your exams and papers, you didn’t “participate enough” in class.

There are times where people think you are antisocial just because you find it hard to initiate conversations… like that time at a party where you felt out-of-place and you felt anxious about talking to people you didn’t really know all that well.

There are times when people think that you don’t care enough about things just because you aren’t all that comfortable with expressing yourself by talking… like those times when people would try debating with you face-to-face when you find it easier to express yourself through your writings or your art.

It can often be tiring to have people mistake your silence for apathy, your anxiety for snobbery, your awkwardness for lack of skill.

But, although I do get tired of having people underestimate me and/or misread my intentions, I still think that my introversion is a gift.

Extroverts will never know the joys of solitude and of meditation. They will never know the simple bliss of staying indoors, enjoying the company of a good book or some good movies/shows.

They will never know how it feels to be a silent witness–to be able to enjoy the world and all its little pleasures without feeling the need to comment or act on it.

They will never know how wonderful it feels to take yourself out on a date. To go out and enjoy all the things you love doing on your own is a lot like reuniting with an old friend– a friend you had often neglected and pushed aside.

Yes, I can be awkward, neurotic, anxious and silent… but I am also in tune with myself and with nature.


(written by MOVIE GEEK)


For the past few months, or weeks… I’ve met random people.

But not just normal people. People like me.

Broken. In pain. Hurt.

The first one is Paul, a student leader, class president.

One Friday afternoon, I called him for a meeting. We were planning about stuff for the incoming Monday, then I noticed that he’s a bit weird; all-sweaty, anxious, talkative. (he reminded me of my good friend). I told him straight that he’s weird and asked him what his problem was. He then started to tell stories. He’s being bullied for being a student leader. He was so talkative, to the point that I was already annoyed. I wanted to shut his mouth but I also want to listen to him. His story is no different from my friend who took his life. So maybe, just maybe… he really needed somebody to listen in all of the baggage in his heart.

The second one is Mike. A funny (in a positive way) girl.

Before I met her, my mom told me that somebody went to her office and asked her about me. She was surprised that their college dean is my mom. She told my mom that I was her “idol” because she thinks that I’ve already passed my sadness stage and I’m okay now. And I was shocked. Shookt if you may. Somebody is idolizing me because she thinks I’m fine after all the depressing shit I’ve been through. Hmmkay.

I talked to her. Just this Monday night. She’s afraid, she’s guilty, she feels empty.

She started talking, but in a very soft voice. She was shaking her knees and she talks without looking in your eyes. She keeps saying that she’s been locking herself in her room and will start to scream. Her heart was full of painful memories. Then when she shared her 10th-grade story, she started crying. Everything is still fresh in her memory. Everything is still painful.

Actually, there’re more.

But one thing I’ve learned, I have been encouraging people to be stronger and to keep on going with life no matter how hard it is. But no matter how hard I try, I cannot apply all the comforting, securing words I’ve said to them to myself. I might be good at making other people feel good, but when I’m alone, I wish I also have somebody to tell me the things I’ve been telling them.

I felt like crying every night. I feel like I need to tell all the things I am feeling without any filters.

For the past few months, or weeks… I’ve met random people.

But not just normal people. People like me.

Different names. Different stories.

But same feelings.

Night Owl Makes A Friend


Dear Ms. Braid,


I know that writing a letter to express myself is outdated and formal in the modern 21st century, but it is one of the best ways for me to convey what I have to say and feel. If you are willing to reply to my letter, you do not have to do the same thing as I did.

I am not used to approaching people (especially STRANGERS) and starting a conversation face-to-face. This is one of my ways of communicating with someone. You might be thinking this: “When did starting a conversation with someone become a struggle?” Here is my answer to the question (in case you are wondering about it): It started when I realized two reasons. First, I have a rechargeable battery, which means *drum roll please* I need alone time after few hours of interacting with other human beings. I do not have a problem interacting with other human beings (unless he or she is a person who I do not want to be involved with due to past incidences). I do solemnly swear on this, but it is best to recharge my battery to function well in social events. *enters a well-known horror theme song from Psycho* Just hearing the word “social events” makes my rechargeable battery go “kaput”. Second (and lastly), I have a secret power, which YOU MUST NEVER TELL ANYONE. Come closer. Closer. A little bit cloooooseeer… and STOP! My secret power would be that I can make any conversation with someone, who I am not close to, into a deep abyss of silence and awkwardness. Mwahahaha! I am not saying I am proud of it. Although I am ashamed and embarrassed of being bestowed with such power, I still have to go through it with my head held high. *secretly dies inside every time it happens*

Anyway, my point is I want to close the gap between us. I want to be more than a stranger or an acquaintance to you. I want to be your friend, if it is okay with you. I know. I know. You might be thinking this: “Why go all through this trouble, if all I wanted is to be your friend? All you have to do is ask, silly!” Simple. I am a person who values relationships. I do not take it for granted. This is my way of saying that I am sincere and serious about this. I do not want to be your friend due to quantity. I want to be your friend in order to know more about who you are and what you want to become.

All in all, this is everything I have to say (hopefully for now).


                                                         Sincerely neurotic,

                                                              Night Owl

Dear Anxiety

A Series of Random Thoughts


Dear Anxiety,

You’ve been around all my life. And through the ages, you have grown from a tiny, seemingly insignificant little speck to a large, irritating monster.

From the very first moment I found you knocking at my door, I made it clear that you were unwelcome but you barged into my home anyway. Back then, you only showed up from time to time but now, you follow me wherever I go.

You follow me around during the day, making sure that I am constantly on edge. You follow me at night and fill my head with worries that keep me from sleeping soundly.

You laugh at my plans and poke holes into my schemes. You mock my desires and make me believe that I can never reach them.

You lay with me in bed and crush me with your weight. You enjoy it whenever I can’t sit up or…

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